Say you’re planning to hold a meeting, a training session or a conference. You would surely like the participants to communicate smoothly with each other as though they were speaking the same language. For the results of the event would depend upon effective communication, wouldn’t it? 

Do you need a translation of documents?

And do you expect the job to be done well so as to evoke the best possible response from the readers?

You have made the right choice to come to a language professional. As a trained interpreter and translator I will be happy to assist you with:

Conference services - Assembling interpreter teams - Technical equipment
Languages: German - French - English

Additional languages can be provided on request.

“Interpreter” and “translator” are not formally reserved professional designations. The terms are used loosely which creates a lot of confusion.
So let us make a simple distinction:

Translation refers to the written word, interpretation to the spoken word.

Translation is the act of rendering texts in writing from one language into another.

Interpretation is the oral rendering of spoken content from one language into another.

The skill of a translator or interpreter is not just to find the right words but to build a linguistic bridge across cultural differences in order to facilitate understanding in the true sense of the original.

Translators must also be able to read between the printed lines, interpreters must transcend the spoken word to recognise what is meant and get the sense across.
Interpreters and translators are the link between languages, cultures and ways of thinking.

This is why you should stress on quality if you want your project to be successful. Wouldn't everything else just be a waste of your time and money?

As a trained interpreter and translator with several years of experience, I regularly attend training and refresher courses to refine my skills. I invite you to benefit from them! You have at your disposal my services along with those of a team of highly skilled professionals.

We will find the right solution for you - tailor-made to your very specific needs!

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